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The Basque Country in the Green Spain

If one had to define the Basque Country, one could say that the whole world is present in this small country. One can discover a surprising biodiversity within a 100-kilometre radius.The North is dominated by the ocean and the mountains, covered in wonderful green, while the South, with the Rioja Alta region, has a more Mediterranean landscape, with its vineyards speckling the ever-ochre horizon with green.Big cities, small villages and isolated farmhouses live in perfect harmony. The industrial centres with their intense activity do not destroy the natural spaces, thereby preserving some of the most delicate ecosystems.

Beyond the dazzling natural environment, the romantic towns or the rich artistic heritage, the Basque country is defined by its people, above all.Basque people is a friendly people with a strong character, who proudly preserve his ancient culture and show the same enthusiasm for life and liberty.The biggest city is Bilbao, with a medieval origin but a strong and modern industrial and commercial tradition. Ever since the city embarked on its ambitious urban reform, it has become famous all over the world, with Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum, the most modern subway system in Europe designed by Norman Foster, the Euskalduna Congress Hall.San Sebastian has its most extraordinary natural landscape, right in the middle of the city: the mountains meet the sea to form the beautiful bay of La Concha.Beyond the sun and beach, the city offers various possibilities: museums, concerts, sports, popular festivities and cultural events of international renown ?the Jazz Festival in July, "The Semana Grande" in August, the International Film Festival in September? The lively atmosphere on the streets of the Old Town should not be forgotten on this list.

Here one can savour the wonderful Basque cuisine: from the exquisite "pintxos" (tapas) to the menus of the prestigious restaurants featuring the Basque "nouvelle cuisine".Vitoria is the administrative capital of the Basque Country. Vitoria is the perfect blend of old European history with young and modern development. It boasts one of Spain's highest standards of living thanks to its array of cultural activities, its beautiful surroundings, and its excellent services. The town, as yet untouched by mass-tourism, allows you to discover the marvel of the fusion between the solid strength of the past and the energetic power of the future.

The Basque Country: History, nature, monuments, museums, traditions, festivals, the love of good food, and two old languages to learn.Visit the Basque Country, learn Spanish and spread the word!.


Ara Ruiz is a Spanish teacher and runs a Spanish school in Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain.Contact details: E-mail: Website: http://www.zadorspain.


By: Ara Ruiz

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