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Spring Break Time Woo Hoo

So, you are a student or twenty something heading out for a week full of fun, sun, partying, hot bodies, and hopefully memories to keep forever. Before you head out, we just want to remind you to have a good time, but be aware of the dangers that lurk on every spring break trip. Below is a list of tips that kept us safe and will one day keep our kids safe too.My spring breaks were just a few years ago and oh what a time we had.

Three years in a row I headed to popular destinations in Florida and spent a week having the best time! Inhibitions were gone and things happen on spring break that you don't normally see. Partying all day and night was a great way to take a week off from the studies, but we were sure to follow some guidelines so we came home in one piece and out of trouble.So, here are our tips on having an excellent spring break as well as a safe one?.Pack intelligently and don't forget all your necessities. Make a list.

Trust me forgetting things like your ID can ruin the whole trip.Be careful: There are predators who love to focus on college students. The one time to listen to your parents advice about protecting your money and self is now. College breaks are all about having good time, but don't let it become a nightmare by not being smart and watching out for each other.

Some tips for being safe include, knowing your way around the area, knowing how to get ahold of the authorities, keeping track of each other, not hooking up with random people, keeping important items in safe places, and letting others know where you are. Don't go off alone! Stay away from illegal or suspicious activities. For instance, some guys rolled up in a van to me and a friend and offered to sell us a drug.

We said no, knowing that it could have cost us dearly.Drink responsibly! Be careful of drinking out in the sun (dehydration), watch your drinks at the bars so someone doesn't slip something in them, don't let your friends drink so much that they can't control themselves, watch out for alcohol poisoning, don't drink and drive, and look our for each other. Stay hydrated and eat before you go drinking! Not to be a downer, but it will help you have a better time.Are the deals all gone?? No! You are in luck.

There are many websites on the web including Hotwire, Priceline, and others that specialize in last minute deals. If you are leaving in the next few weeks, then you have plenty of time. If you are like we were, you are just going without any bookings. Might not be a good idea.Protect your belongings. Whether you have saved all year or the parentals are flipping the bill, you will want to keep all your belongings protected.

People in and out of rooms and people having too good of a time leaves you wide open for trouble if you aren't careful.Tell the parents you'll be ok. As long as you and your friends stick together, stay in the popular areas, look out for one another, and have a way to contact someone, you should be ok. Don't let anyone go off with random people alone. They just worry about you, so don't give them reasons to do so.

Finally, use common sense. This is a no brainer, but a challenge to do after being wiped out by school and all you are thinking about is having fun for the week.There is a number of things to look out for, but these are the important ones and will put you on the right track. Have a good time and come back with stories!.

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com is a fun vacation guide offering a ton of information, fun, and experiences to Florida, Florida beaches, and Walt Disney World from two Florida beach lovers!! Hey, everyone needs a break, so take time from your busy lives and visit us. You'll feel like you're in Florida before you ever go!.You can read more about us, and the priceless tools we use at =>

By: Joe Collinsworth

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