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Sek Sork Cambodias Resurgent NaturalHistoric Resort

"Why everyone is heading to Cambodia" (The New York Times).This article is to response to the above-addressed headline of The New York Times.Cambodia is a compact country in South East Asia with natural resources in both underground and on the ground.

Those resources include mines (underground) and natural, cultural and historic resorts (on the ground)."Sek Sork" is one of the resurgent natural-historic resorts of the Kingdom of Cambodia."Sek Sork" is a very old resort, but due to protracted civil and interstate wars, this resort has been ignored by the Cambodians and the world. Fortunately, this resort is now appeared again in the Cambodian people's and foreign tourists' hearts."Sek Sork" is a resort located in Battambang province, a province located in the most western part of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

I will not explain to the prospective holidaymakers who are intending to go to "Sek Sork", but I just want you to come to Phnom Penh first and contact with Cambodian travel agents. They will advise you on how to get to the resort (bus, package holiday, etc)."Sek Sork" is located in Sek Sork village, Phlov Mars commune, Rattanak Mondul district, Battambang province, the Kingdom of Cambodia."Sek Sork" resort is covered by thick bamboos, both big and small plants and trees with eternal fresh air.

Anyone looking for natural way of relaxation is suggested to go to "Sek Sork". "Sek Sork" has a stream of 500 meters long surrounded by bamboos and other green trees. However, the holidaymakers can only bath in dry season, in rainy season the water flows too strong and so unable to bath.

Do not get discouraged, you are advised to visit this resort in both dry and rainy season (in Cambodia, we have only two seasons).This resort has been resurgent since 2004, after influx of investment to cater ten different recreational scenes for anyone.For the scenery pictures, contact me ? Vicheka Lay.

Anyone is authorized to translate this article into any language with due reference to me ? Vicheka Lay.

.Lay Vicheka is a translator for the most celebrated translation agency in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Pyramid Translation Co.Ltd.

He is now holding other two professions: freelance writer for Search Newspaper; focusing on social issues and students' issues and Media Liaison Officer for Asia's first free on-line IELTS consultation website. Lay Vicheka is the expert author for ezine and prolific article contributor to other websites around the world such as articlecity, 365articles, spiderden, talesofasia, etc (Just google him). He is also a volunteer Cambodian-newspapers columnist (Rasmey Kampuchea and Kampuchea Thmey). Lay Vicheka has great experience in law and politics, as he used to be legal and English-language assistant to a Cambodian member of parliament, migration experience (home-based business) and in writing. He is also member of a New York-based research company.

Posting address: 221H Street 93, Tuol Sangke quarter, Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tel: 855 11 268 445,

By: Vicheka Lay

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