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Scotland's geography has been integral to its political, social, economic and cultural development, discover more about the physical make-up of the country, together with some facts and figures about its people.What makes Scotland so distinctive? There are some things that are uniquely Scottish but in truth, there's no single element that defines the country. Rather, it's a subtle blend of many different ingredients that have been added to the mix down through the centuries. Here, you can find a flavour of these - Scotland's often turbulent past, her extraordinary people, the rich diversity of her arts and culture, and the many other features found around the country which have produced a nation that treasures its past and keenly anticipates its future.So whether you opt for a dedicated city-break or use them as a base to explore the surrounding countryside, Scotland's cities offer a truly memorable experience.A nation's artistic and cultural life says much about its people and the vibrancy and creativity we display across a wide range of artforms quickly dispels the myth of the dour, downbeat Scot.

In successive generations, Scotland has produced writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, composers and dancers whose talents have received both national and international acclaim.Some of these artforms - such as our traditional dance and music - are uniquely Scottish both in style and inspiration and are appreciated chiefly at home. Others - such as theatre, opera and painting - draw on and incorporate influences from elsewhere in the world and consequently receive wider recognition. All, however, have the power to enthrall, challenge, provoke and inspire.Scotland's position on the edge of the European continent with sea on three sides means that the weather is very varied. Records show that May and June are usually drier than July and August.

Generally speaking, the east coast tends to be cool and dry, the west coast milder and wetter. July and August are normally the warmest months, average temperature of 15-19oC/60-68oF.Historically, Scotland has always been a popular destination for those seeking a truly romantic setting in which to make their wedding vows and several recent high profile weddings have served to highlight the reputation of Scotland as a great place to tie the knot. As a country, Scotland is famous for its beautiful and unspoilt scenery, its distinctive culture and its dramatic history. In addition it is renowned for the high standard of its cuisine and the quality of its accommodation which ranges from bed and breakfasts to magnificent castles.

Perhaps most importantly though, Scotland is famed for its hospitality and the genuine warmth of its people.So, whether you are planning to 'run away' to Gretna Green for a small intimate wedding or to do something on a much larger scale, be it in a hotel or castle or even on a canal boat, Scotland offers endless possibilities to make that special day truly memorable.Edinburgh has a network of local bus services allowing frequent travel throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians making this a great - and cost effective - way of getting around the city. Local bus companies offer daily bus tickets, which allow you unlimited travel in and around Edinburgh. You buy these tickets, and single journey tickets, on board the bus from the driver - remember that no change is given, so you'll need the exact fare.If you're heading further afield, you can buy your coach tickets for UK and Scottish travel from the bus station in St Andrew Square in advance.

And if you're heading to the airport a regular express service runs from Waverley Bridge to Edinburgh Airport, with pick up points along the way.You can also take in the sights of the city on one of the many Edinburgh bus tours - City Bus Tour tickets can be bought in person at the Edinburgh and Scotland Information Centre, 3 Princes Street or on Waverley Bridge, which is where the tours start.The following companies can provide more information;.For travel in and around Edinburgh including Edinburgh Airport, city bus tours and night buses - Lothian Buses contact number - 0131 555 6363.For Travel in and around Edinburgh, Central and The Borders First Buses contact number - 08708 72 72 71.

Air travel-Scottish airlines or air operators servicing Scotland and/or Edinburgh include; BMI, Loch Lomond Seaplanes Scotland's first commercial seaplane service, British Airways, Eastern Airways, EasyJet, Highland Airways and Loganair.

.For more on Scotland please visit scotland travel or Fife information.

By: David Woody

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