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Roaming Naked on the Beach Necktie Knots are a Pain

The modern man's obsession with clothes has gone so far that I think the nudists are right in setting up their own colonies. The pleasure of roaming naked on the beach is indescribable. The fresh air strikes your body, and you feel free as a bird. It is healthy and beneficial in a hundred ways than one, so say learned men.

Diogenes lived naked in Greece, and would have scoffed at the modern man's attire. Why take all the pain in the neck of tying a necktie on the most important part of your body? What does it make you look like that you like it so much?.I am not a mortal enemy of neckties.

I like wearing them myself. They fill me with a strange sense of self-importance that I know not whence it arises. I feel more important to myself than I am perceived by others to be so. To this extent, neckties are beneficial.

In other ways, they are a malady of the new age. A remnant of the old past that still remains clinging to our necks and refuses to let go. Try breathing freely in your courtyard garden with beautiful flowers surrounding you, than have a look at your necktie shelf. What do you feel? Doesn't your face shrink at the very sight of a necktie? Your face tells you the truth ? those beautiful laces are a sign of slavery to the modern man's quest for beauty and perfection.Loosen your ties, let go of the clothes, let your dick hang and dangle freely as it is supposed to, and make a dash toward the waves. You may not like to come back.

.The author is a freelance writer.

By: Amit Sharma

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