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Gas Prices versus Flying --- if you think the high cost of gas means it would be cheaper to fly, you might be right.But on our 3 week cross country journey from South Carolina to Las Vegas Nevada, I would say that it probably averaged out. So the benefits of driving versus flying is in what you get to experience. It is the un-expected things you see from your trip that make it memorable, not just the big things you planned to do.

Out of 5000 miles, and ump-teen fill ups the average price per gallon across the country was $2.26 Not to bad for a trip we will never forget.Some of my most memorable times were road trips with my parents. You remember? the ones where you piled in the station wagon and headed off. The bologna sandwiches and coke at a picnic table on the side of the road. Actually getting to your destination and never forgetting it.

It would be great to take our kids on one of those trips we remember. Do you think that we could get them away from the video games and tv long enough to learn something about our fascinating land?.So, Slow Down?.See America! How many of our 182 National Parks have you been to? Have you see the Mesa Verde? The Yellowstone National Forest? The Grand Canyon?.


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By: JC Smith

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