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Information About Warwick Castle

If you are looking for a great family day out then you could not go far wrong with a trip to Warwick Castle. Built in 1068 this castle is steeped in history and the surrounding gardens and views are spectacular. I am somebody who loves to visit different castles around the country and I would have to say that Warwick is probably my favourite.As you walk around the castle and its grounds you see many people dressed in original costume and in the summer there are normally barbeques in the gardens and on one occasion I saw a puppet show.The Earls Of Warwick.1088-1119 Henry De Newburgh 1119-1153 Roger De Newburgh 1153-1184 William De Newburgh 1184-1203 Waleran De Newburgh 1203-1229 Henry De Newburgh 1229-1242 Thomas De Newburgh 1242-1263 John Du Plessis 1263-1268 William Mauduit 1268-1298 William De Beauchamp 1298-1315 Guy De Beauchamp 1329-1369 Thomas De Beauchamp 1369-1401 Thomas De Beauchamp 1401-1439 Richard Beauchamp 1439-1446 Henry Beauchamp (also first and only Duke, 1445-1446) 1446-1449 Anne Beauchamp 1449-1471 Richard Neville (The Kingmaker) 1472-1478 George Plantagent (Duke of Clarence) 1478-1499 Edward Plantagent 1499-1547 Crown Property (1499-1509, Henry VII, 1509-47, Henry VIII) 1547-1553 John Dudley I 1553-1554 John Dudley II 1561-1590 Ambrose Dudley 1590-1604 Crown Property (1590-1603, Elizabeth I, 1603-04, James I) 1604-1628 Sir Fulke Greville (owned the castle as Baron Brooke while the Earldom was held by the Rich family.

The Greville's were granted the Earldom in 1759) 1618-1619 Robert Rich I 1619-1658 Robert Rich II 1621-1628 Sir Fulke Greville 1658-1659 Robert Rich III 1659-1673 Charles Rich 1673-1675 Robert Rich IV 1675-1701 Edward Rich I 1701-1721 Edward Henry Rich 1721-1759 Edward Rich II 1759-1773 Francis Greville 1773-1816 George Greville 1816-1853 Henry Richard Greville 1853-1893 George Guy Greville 1893-1924 Francis Richard Greville 1924-1928 Leopold Guy Greville 1928-1984 Charles Guy Greville 1984-1996 David Greville 1996- Guy Greville.Warwick Castle was built to be very sturdy in an attempt to stop intruders getting into the castle and to keep it from falling down after the many battles that took place in this period.The castle has now been taken over by the Tussauds group and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK.

Areas of Warwick Castle to look out for include:.Guys Tower.The Towers and Ramparts.Bear and Clarence Towers.The Curtain Walls.The Gatehouse and Barbican.

Caesar's Tower.The Dungeon.The Ghost Tower.

The Chapel.If you are planning a trip to England or live in the country itself I would certainly recommend a visit to this castle, I actually take my own family twice a year.


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By: Steve Hill

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