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Degrees in Las Vegas Atlantic City Option

So you have planned a trip to Las Vegas, forget that. It hit 116 degrees the other day. As a perpetual tourist let me recommend Atlantic City, a city for lovers over the city that never sleeps in Nevada.

At 116 degrees the nighttime lows are well above 100 degrees and you can't sleep. At 10:00 it was still 107 degrees. Humans do not function well at those temperatures and despite the claim that it is a dry heat so it is okay; well, that is not exactly true. You see in the last 8 years Las Vegas has experienced explosive growth and due to all the shrubbery, lawns, landscaping and golf courses there is significant humidity.

Atlantic City is a great destination point and excellent for couples, as there new promotional advertising says; "Atlantic City is for Lovers." Las Vegas a over the last decade had concentrated on events and families. But if you want to get away from the kids, Atlantic City is the right ticket. Top name entertainers, great restaurants and outdoor shopping along the boardwalk at a wonderful 85-90 degrees, none of this 116 stuff like in Vegas.Atlantic City in the last few years has really cleaned up its act, no more crime, graffiti or drugs. Atlantic City's Redevelopment Project is a complete success and although there are crowds with a few hundred thousands people cruising the boardwalks each weekend, it is manageable and fun.

If you haven't been recently, you will not even recognize the place. New landscaping, walking areas, shopping areas, restaurants; some of the finest in the world, there is more than enough to do. The Famous Trump Casino is there and out on the shore is a beach bar with canopies and down the way is the Tropicana Casino with an attached shopping center mall, clubs and restaurants. The Tropicana sports a casino no less than four football fields worth of gambling excitement and entertainment.

Forget this 116 degree stuff, that is insanity, stay cool and go where the lover go. The New Atlantic City is a perfect break from your fast paced life and you deserve it. See you there.


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By: Lance Winslow

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