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Caribbean Magic and Culture Holders Season in Barbados

The United States has Mardi Gras, Brazil has Carnivale, the Germans have Oktoberfest and Barbados has Holders Season. Each spring marks a nearly month-long celebration of culture, culinary delight, and fellowship in Barbados. Holders Season is indeed one of the premier cultural events in Barbados and the Caribbean.

If ever there were a time to visit this island paradise, the visit would have to coincide with this celebration.Holders Season is a celebration of opera, music, and theatre, and takes place in the beautiful gardens of Holders House, a 17th Century plantation home owned by John and Wendy Kidd and their family.The venue is truly a beautiful outdoor setting under the trees with a history of fabulous events performed by musicians, actors, dancers, singers, writers and comedians from around the world.

Visitors to Barbados in this time might enjoy the wide range of performing arts. Opera companies may perform a classic story set to Mozart, and playhouse companies may offer up their own interpretations of a Shakespeare tragedy. From classical music to the rhythmic beat of Caribbean and Latin American styles, the beat can be felt all over the island, and there is always occasion to dance and make new friends in Barbados during the Holder Season.

Although you can buy food and drinks before the performances and during intermission of most performances, most prefer to take personal picnic baskets with wine and champagne in order to enjoy an uninterrupted, sophisticated night under the stars. Holders Season is a celebration for couples and families alike, and anyone with an interest in island culture and island interpretations of other cultures.At, you can learn more about Holders Season and current schedules of performances. Don't forget, too, to plan ahead for this wonderful time.

.Billy O'Dell is, with his wife Carolyn, the owner of BarbadosBarbados, an online concierge to Barbados tourism, and owner of Food Affairs, a Bajan catering company.

By: Billy O'Dell

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