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Arizona is a Great State to Visit

The other day traveling through the Arizona flat land between Phoenix and Tucson, I met someone at a Pilot Truck Stop in Casa Grande coming from Austin, TX and on their way to Oregon for a Horse Show. They asked me briefly so what is in this state anyway. I kind of laughed and I said well have you ever heard of the Grand Canyon?.They smiled and said; Oh Yah.

I said well there is lots to see in Arizona. They said; Yah but what about Southern Arizona, what is in this part? I told him he was practically in Central Arizona and would be in Phoenix within the hour. But I know Arizona pretty well like most states, as I have Relatives in Winslow AZ.

Just traveled by there the other day, I love the Meteor Crater and Museum, bought a magnetized rock by the road side gift shop, now closed; also I met some Cal Tech NASA guys there testing the rover once, very cool the tele-robotic systems.Have been to almost every city in AZ. Lots of Southern Cities; Yuma, my brother is a USMC Aviator, had training there, Bisbee Mine Tour in the Yellow Carts, Tucson (I like Bookmans), Sierra Vista and Douglas too.

Have friends in Oro Valley and a former franchisee of our company before I retired. I some more friends along the Saguaro National Forest too.I have traveled 70 from Globe all the way thru NM and then to Silver City. Also traveled up the 77 from the Biosphere to Globe. I have been everywhere in the US, well North America too.

I like AZ, the mountains are cool; as there is no "Noise or Light" pollution and such. But some spots are too dry due to weather and droughts, I worry about that and have driven thru areas months after large fires and that is a bummer.http://www.
(Travel Full Time Now).

Yes indeed I know Arizona and there is a lot to see and do there and I reflected back to the gentleman who had just driven over through god knows how many miles of desert between where we stood at the Truck stop and Texas and thought, boy he sure does not know what he is missing does he? Consider all this in 2006.

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net/wttbbs/.Article Source:


By: Lance Winslow

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