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Atlanta - The 5 million-gallon Georgia Aquarium, to be among the largest in the nation, is scheduled to open this fall.

Fraught With Deception - For two days I looked like an "expectant father", but I was female.

Singing Hobbits Wizards and Orcs Oh My - It all started with a simple statement scribbled across a blank page of an examination answer-book: "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

The Elephants of Western Kilimanjaro - Say Kilimanjaro and most people will think of mountain trekking.

An Update from Danielle Lafond from Mancora Peru - At the end of July I saw a brief feature on local TV about a Canadian couple who had mortgaged their home to create an international non-profit development organization in Peru, starting with shipping a container full of donated medical supplies t.

How To Travel The World For Free - It sounds like a dream doesn't it? Hopping onto a plane and taking a flight to the destination of your choice.

Dental Implants Dental Tourism Save Enjoy - Dental Tourism is a budding concept for a planned vacation along with total Dental solution and care.

The Magic Of Magic Mountain - Magic Mountain is perhaps one of the most well known theme parks in the United States.

North Spain Santander Zargoza and Vigo - Madrid and the attractions of southern Spain tend to get all of the attention.

Preview Gilbert Sherr Servas Member World Traveller Social and Political Researcher - The second person I had a chance to get to know at the Servas Conference was Gilbert Sherr, a communications professional from Atlanta where he was born and raised.

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